Sherbet Budder (B)

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Sherbet Budder is used for an array of medical purposes, and has garnered a solid fan base because of it. This strain is very useful in fighting symptoms of stress, allowing the patient to find a natural state of relaxation that will allow them to calm their mind and their nerves, soothing them from head to toe.

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  • Sherbet Budder

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Aroma: Sherbet Budder’s aroma has a sweet cookie effect that’s accented by sour fruits and a creamy effect that’s released.

Taste: Sherbet Budder has a sweet creamy minty flavor accented by fresh sugary fruits and a tangy exhale.

High:  Sherbet Budder high is truly unique – it has both energizing and calming effects that are ideal for treating a wide variety of conditions. The high starts with a euphoric energetic lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling completely happy although relaxed in both mind and body. As your head high builds, your body will fall into a lazy state that lulls you into a slightly couch-locked state with a pang of hunger, although you won’t be sleepy at all.

Used for: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Swings, Stress


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